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About Our Chef 

Our founder and Chef Shelby Starks, is an East Oakland native mother of 3, and advocate for food justice and sustainability. Grown from a tradition of home cooking, chef Starks's food philosophy has always been a simple approach, highlighting her own cooking traditions, and the exploration of the diaspora through her palate. Offering a variety of chef-driven consumer services, this chef mamma gets IT! 

With a rich family food history, the recipes shared with clients come from a worn catalog of family recipes that you too can enjoy for many seasons to come.

Formally educated in the culinary arts with over 10 years of industry service, chef Shelby has made a name for herself as an advocate of food justice and sustainability as featured in the  July 17, 2021 Wall Street Journal article 

Cities Try to Phase Out Gas Stoves—but Cooks Are Pushing Back - WSJ

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Our vision

Imagine a time when food was simple direct from the farm, and plain ole good. Long before food delivery apps were messing up your order, and before you relied so heavily on a truck to give you an authentic dining experience. Just simply good wholesome food.  That time is now. At A Mothers Touch, we are not concerned about the next food trend , or buzz-worthy ingredient, we're creating it. 

 Creating sustainable pathways to food equity and access, our goal is to create authentic dining experiences that leave you craving more table time .....because it is impossible to sit at a table and share a meal with someone, and like them any less. We promise to build memorable dining experiences for you to savor for a lifetime. 

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